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InvestorPlace Media, a company which began as an investment newsletter publisher, saw its IT needs becoming more complex as their business model progressed into a multimedia business which offers a range of services from investing in value stocks and mutual funds to growth stocks, options and international portfolios.


Problem to be Solved

Due to the added complexities, InvestorPlace Media saw the immediate need of a robust hosting environment for their ATG eCommerce platform’s launch. The implementation of a secure environment needed to be completed within a few weeks and their budget did not allow them to design, acquire, deploy, and manage it on their own while proactively keeping up with the high demands of focusing on their critical business needs. They wanted to focus on the commerce site’s development and dynamic content, and not have the time or manpower available to address its crucial infrastructure in-house.

The dcVAST Solution

dcVAST assessed the current infrastructure as well as the projected needs of the client. They recommended an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model and went on to design a complete solution which included all the necessary hardware and software components, data center services, security, and high touch support. This came with a guaranteed uptime and strict SLA's, and was designed, executed, and deployed while leaving InvestorPlace Media's staff free to focus on their own crucial job functions.

The result was a successful implementation and IPM officially entrusting dcVAST as their ATG hosting provider. The system was deployed on time and within budget, while upholding dcVast's pledge to guaranteed uptime during the transition. Since then, dcVAST has gone on to migrate IPM over to the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure platform.

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