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3 reasons you still need data protection software in the cloud

3 Reasons You Still Need Data Protection Software in the Cloud

While many businesses turn to the cloud as a destination for their backups and to provide disaster recovery (DR) capability, using the cloud doesn’t mean companies don’t need their own data protection plans and data protection software. With a new partnership between Veritas and Amazon Web Service (AWS) businesses can use data protection software to […]

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data integrity protect against tampering

Protect Data Against Tampering By Focusing on Data Integrity

The standard “CIA” model of computer security requires confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Data protection often focuses on preventing data theft and unauthorized access, viewing it as a privacy and security issue that can be addressed through firewalls, malware detection, data loss prevention, and other computer security software. But not all attacks have stealing data as […]

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data protection plan 2017

Is Your Data Protection Plan Behind the Times?

The start of a new year is a good time to look back at what you accomplished this past year. When it comes to data protection, keeping up with the challenges is tough. Veritas identified eight data protection tips for 2016. Were you able to keep up with them? Data Protection in 2016 These are […]

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Data Governance is About Empowerment, Not Control

Data Governance is all about policies and controls, right? The problem with approaching data governance from that perspective is that it turns the data governance team into the data cops. And just as the real police sometimes have an antagonistic relationship with the communities they patrol, so do the data cops. There’s another approach you […]

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6 New Reasons You Always Need to Focus on Information Security

National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October is a good reminder that you always need to focus on information security. No matter how much effort you put into implementing security measures, there are always new challenges that require rethinking your security. Here are six “new” reasons to take another look at how you’re protecting your […]

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Know Your Data and Who’s Accessing It!

The explosion of unstructured data shows no sign of slowing. Analysts predict that the growth of data is 40 percent to 60 percent, but for unstructured data in the enterprise, the growth rate can be up to 80 percent. Even management of existing data without the growth factor provides many challenges in itself. Information risk […]

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