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3 reasons you still need data protection software in the cloud

3 Reasons You Still Need Data Protection Software in the Cloud

While many businesses turn to the cloud as a destination for their backups and to provide disaster recovery (DR) capability, using the cloud doesn’t mean companies don’t need their own data protection plans and data protection software. With a new partnership between Veritas and Amazon Web Service (AWS) businesses can use data protection software to […]

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Still Requires Backups

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Still Requires Backups

Hyperconverged and web scale infrastructures are inherently robust. Built-in redundancies and replication mean component failures are almost transparent; processing and storage simply shifts to another node. Despite this, data backups are still required. Redundancy and replication don’t protect you from user errors that require recovering accidentally deleted files, eliminate compliance requirements to maintain several years […]

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hypervisors multiple backup strategies

Do Multiple Hypervisors Need Multiple Backup Strategies?

It’s inevitable that the more complex your infrastructure is, the more challenging it is to manage. Despite that, there are good reasons not to settle on a single data processing solution. Different workloads have different performance and processing demands that may be best supported by different hypervisors. You may be driven by the costs of […]

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data protection plan 2017

Is Your Data Protection Plan Behind the Times?

The start of a new year is a good time to look back at what you accomplished this past year. When it comes to data protection, keeping up with the challenges is tough. Veritas identified eight data protection tips for 2016. Were you able to keep up with them? Data Protection in 2016 These are […]

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cost-effective disaster recovery

4 Steps to Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery

It’s tough to justify budget requests for a function you hope will never be used. That’s why no one wants to spend on disaster recovery. Yet the reality is that disaster isn’t that rare. In one survey, 75 percent of businesses had experienced downtime due to power outages. It’s important, then, that your business has […]

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