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Enterprise Vault errors flooding your Event Logs??

With Enterprise Vault (EV) you can sometimes see strange behavior in the event logs. For example, reoccurring 29014 errors with an interesting host name or Vault ID: Type:        Error Date:        3/30/2017 Time:        2:21:07 PM Event:        29014 Source:        Enterprise Vault Category:    Web Application (WP) User:        N/A Computer: Description: Storage […]

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data integrity protect against tampering

Protect Data Against Tampering By Focusing on Data Integrity

The standard “CIA” model of computer security requires confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Data protection often focuses on preventing data theft and unauthorized access, viewing it as a privacy and security issue that can be addressed through firewalls, malware detection, data loss prevention, and other computer security software. But not all attacks have stealing data as […]

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enterprise data management functions

If Two People Can’t Keep a Secret, How Can Your Entire Company?

Your corporate data is filled with secrets. Your own secrets, like business plans and intellectual property, and your customer’s secrets, like account numbers. And your collection of data is increasing daily, particularly if you’re actively engaged in digital transformation or big data projects that aim to collect new data. If you only had one copy […]

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Federal Data Retention Guidelines with Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.1

Meet Federal Data Retention Guidelines with Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.1

On November 28, 2011, President Obama signed the Presidential Memorandum on Managing Government Records, which is designed to reform records management policies and practices within government agencies. The memorandum provides two important commitment timelines: December 31st, 2016 – U.S. Federal agencies will manage both permanent and temporary email records in an electronically accessible format. December […]

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Enterprise Vault Exchange Archiving Targets in a DAG

Enterprise Vault (EV) Exchange Mailbox Archiving Targets in a Database Availability Group (DAG) In this example, there are two Exchange Servers, with two Exchange databases, and one DAG. (These screenshots are from Exchange 2010, though it’s the same principal for Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016)   -In EV, each Exchange Server is targeted; and there […]

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Top 5 Enterprise Vault 12 Upgrade Must-Haves

EV 12 Benefits: Intelligent Classification Organizations continue to struggle with retaining information to meet regulatory and business requirements. As a result, many keep everything, sometimes longer than they should, increasing IT administrative overhead and business exposure and risk. To help address this challenge, Enterprise Vault supports Classification of all ingested content – email, files, Instant […]

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