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Enterprise Vault errors flooding your Event Logs??

With Enterprise Vault (EV) you can sometimes see strange behavior in the event logs. For example, reoccurring 29014 errors with an interesting host name or Vault ID: Type:        Error Date:        3/30/2017 Time:        2:21:07 PM Event:        29014 Source:        Enterprise Vault Category:    Web Application (WP) User:        N/A Computer: Description: Storage […]

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3 reasons you still need data protection software in the cloud

3 Reasons You Still Need Data Protection Software in the Cloud

While many businesses turn to the cloud as a destination for their backups and to provide disaster recovery (DR) capability, using the cloud doesn’t mean companies don’t need their own data protection plans and data protection software. With a new partnership between Veritas and Amazon Web Service (AWS) businesses can use data protection software to […]

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netbackup 8.0

Upgrade Your NetBackup Version to Stay Supported and Gain New Functionality

Upgrade projects can be disruptive and time consuming, but companies shouldn’t neglect them. Keeping up with the latest software releases not only gives you access to the latest features, it keeps you safe with updates that address security vulnerabilities. Staying on the “more current” slope of the curve ensures you’ll have access to support from […]

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master data management plan sharing

Master Data Management Plans Need a Strategy for Sharing

Master data management projects are largely viewed as data consolidation projects. The efforts replace separate, scattered departmental databases of key business data such as customer information with a single, master file. Through creating well-defined metadata that clarifies the fields’ meanings and establishing proper data governance and data validations to ensure the data’s integrity, the hope […]

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data integrity protect against tampering

Protect Data Against Tampering By Focusing on Data Integrity

The standard “CIA” model of computer security requires confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Data protection often focuses on preventing data theft and unauthorized access, viewing it as a privacy and security issue that can be addressed through firewalls, malware detection, data loss prevention, and other computer security software. But not all attacks have stealing data as […]

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enterprise data management functions

If Two People Can’t Keep a Secret, How Can Your Entire Company?

Your corporate data is filled with secrets. Your own secrets, like business plans and intellectual property, and your customer’s secrets, like account numbers. And your collection of data is increasing daily, particularly if you’re actively engaged in digital transformation or big data projects that aim to collect new data. If you only had one copy […]

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