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The Business Situation

Business Executives spend countless hours evolving and creating corporate strategies to deliver more value to their clients, with the goal to drive growth and increase profitability. Those strategic plans call for the development of new products and services to be delivered to the market. Often, Information Technology (IT) is heavily involved in the development and delivery processes. Too often, IT initiatives become technology based exercises, simply yielding technical functionality. The result is a major investment that is not aligned with the business, thus falling short of the total set of objectives. It is extremely important to take the time to align the IT plan with business objectives, in order to maximize the benefits.

The IT Challenge

The IT staff must consider many issues, when planning to implement IT infrastructure. Always looming is the classic challenge of aligning people, process, and technology while balancing issues such as:

  • Required functionality
  • Availability and survivability
  • Security and protection
  • Capacity and scalability
  • Best practices

As mentioned earlier, care must be given to align with key business objectives and issues such as:

  • Competitive landscape
  • Competitive advantage
  • Time to market of the new product or service
  • Effective utilization of key internal resources
  • Delivering within budget parameters
  • On time implementation

Proper planning and adequate implementation time, become key to doing the job right. How often have we heard stories of an organization rushing to implement a poorly developed plan, resulting in additional cost, missed targets, failure to address critical needs, and lost opportunity?

The dcVAST Approach

dcVAST employs a proven methodology to carefully and completely look at your IT environment and projects, becoming a challenge point partner, regarding taking a complete look at technical and business strategy.
Definition Step – We review the problem, scope, and requirements, with an eye on business goals.

Survey Step – We conduct detailed interviews with key Business Unit Management and Staff, and IT Department Staff.

Analysis Step – We thoroughly review all data to better understand the situation and desired outcomes. The result of this analysis step will be a written report of the findings, containing options on how to fill gaps, solve problems, and capture opportunity. All incorporating industry best practices.

Final Proposal – After consultation with the customer personnel regarding the options, a detailed proposal will be delivered, with a final identification of the best approach.

After this appraisal step is complete, a detailed design process can begin, incorporating these findings and recommendations. The probability of achieving both the technical and business objectives is more certain.



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