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Give Secondary Storage First Class Treatment with a Hyperconverged Solution

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage with Cohesity

You’re ignoring an iceberg in your data center. As much as 80 percent of corporate data is secondary data, consisting of backups and copies made for one-off development, test, or other purposes. This data is rarely managed strategically, and resides on a variety of servers and appliances, locked in silos that make it largely invisible and difficult to share without making additional copies or transferring it to primary storage.

Bringing hyperconverged infrastructure to secondary storage can help you shrink down that iceberg and migrate secondary storage and secondary workloads to scalable infrastructure that supports data deduplication and copy data management, along with other data protection methods. 

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage with Cohesity

Cohesity is hyperconverged infrastructure specifically designed to support the needs of secondary storage and secondary workloads. The web-scale platform provides data protection and copy management, and supports in-place analytics jobs to reduce the need to create additional data copies. With native cloud integration to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google, data on Cohesity appliances is easily shared with the cloud.

You’ll gain several benefits from this. Data silos are eliminated, and you’ll gain visibility into what was previously dark data. The consolidated, web-scale platform offers high availability; simplifies storage management, capacity planning, and data protection; and reduces recovery times. Deduplication and compression make storage globally efficient.

The hyperconverged design, with integrated compute capability, lets test and development users gain streamlined access to the data they need without creating additional unmanaged copies; big data analytics jobs can run directly on the platform.

Cohesity storage is indexed, allowing the secondary storage to be easily searched. Cloud integration supports disaster recovery needs and long-term data archiving. The capex and opex costs associated with data protection can drop by as much as 50 percent.

Bring Secondary Storage to the Forefront

dcVAST specializes in infrastructure and storage management solutions. Our professional services can support you from assessment of your requirements through design of an appropriate solution and implementation and support once you’ve determined your technical direction.

We offer support for a variety of hyperconverged solutions, including Nutanix for primary workloads and a turnkey Cohesity solution that includes licensing, hardware, support, and managed services of your deployed solution. With dcVAST’s help, you can leverage Cohesity to turn secondary storage into an asset rather than a drag on your technology organization. Contact us get started.

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