Storage Virtualization

The Business Situation

Information is one of the most valuable assets to an enterprise of any size. And data storage continues to grow at unprecedented rates. Transaction processing applications are growing and capturing data at rapidly growing rates. Regulatory requirements and newer storage-intensive applications are driving growth rates even higher. Resultantly, the amount of data that is stored and the length of time it is kept online is growing rapidly, while the resources to manage it are not. This presents a considerable challenge to companies striving to exploit information for competitive advantage and to the IT departments tasked with storing, managing and protecting that data. The budgets required to continue to grow storage is a major problem, and the impact of that growth in spending is in sharp contrast to the constant drive to reduce IT costs.

The IT Challenge

For many companies, keeping up with storage growth means adding more capacity to disparate storage systems spread throughout the enterprise. This approach is costly to manage, utilization rates are typically low, and it is hard to deliver the quality of service— availability and performance—that users require. Unfortunately, this unprecedented storage growth and need for improved performance is not accompanied by a surge in management resources. In most cases, adding storage temporarily allows the enterprise some room for growth, but takes its toll by overtaxing IT administrators while increasing storage-related expenses. The add-a-box approach to expanding storage capacity has often proved to be ineffective and cumbersome. In fact, just adding additional capacity often complicates matters because of the extra burden to manage that additional storage. The challenge for many companies is how to keep pace with growing volumes of information and demand for “always-on”, instantaneous access, when the resources to manage that information may not be increasing at the same rates.

The dcVAST Solution

One reason that storage virtualization is emerging as a solution to the growth of data is because it holds the promise of not only supporting increased storage needs, but also simplifying operations and improving resource utilization and efficiency. It enables centralization and increases open floor space through the reduction in the number of storage systems needed to support applications. Centralized management allows for consistent policies and procedures, and allows for the deployment of a single point for backup and restoration. And virtualization rewards IT managers with reduced departmental operating costs through improved storage administrator productivity (managing fewer systems but increased capacity), reduced environmental expenses, and minimized software license and hardware and software maintenance contract expenses.

dcVAST will assess your current environment, review your functional and business needs, and design a storage virtualization plan that’s right for your company. dcVAST will then implement the solution and deliver these results in a timely manner. dcVAST will also support and manage the new storage environment.

Storage virtualization delivers many benefits. Among them are:

  • Storage is used more efficiently
  • Server capabilities are maximized
  • Open floor space is increased
  • Management costs are lowered
  • The number of storage devices are reduced
  • The number of software licenses are reduced
  • Hardware and software maintenance costs are decreased
  • Single point for backup and recovery
  • Centralized management of storage resources


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