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It is common for companies to attempt to acquire, build, and integrate their own servers and storage. While this may seem like a simple solution at first, the complexities involved are fraught with hidden productivity costs and wasted man-hours. The Veritas NetBackup Appliance can help you eliminate the time and effort of installing, configuring, and maintaining your backup and disaster recovery, while dcVAST’s managed services will ensure that there is an expert to assist you every step of the way.

NetBackup Appliance 5200 Series

The easy-to-use Veritas NetBackup 5200 Appliance unites physical and virtual networks and manages data growth with a simple user interface. Easily build and deploy your organization’s backup and deduplication strategy to maximize IT staff time, operations and storage investment.

NetBackup 5200 unique features and capabilities include:

  • Top-of-the-Line NetBackup software – NetBackup 7.7 software is pre-installed, providing integrated backup and deduplication.
  • Scalable – Offers the flexibility to grow as your needs change
  • VM Protection – Built-in support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, with no requirement for proxy servers.
  • Intelligent Deduplication – The only single-vendor enterprise backup appliance that provides end-to-end source and target side deduplication.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for environments of any size—Available in sizes from 4TB to 148TB
  • Multiple functions—deploy it as master server, media server or both
  • Comprehensive—All-in-one backup and deduplication solution including software, hardware, services and support.
  • Efficient end-to-end deduplication—reduced backup size and network bandwidth utilization mean faster backups.
  • Flexible deployment—Choose inline or post-process deduplication at the source, media server, or target.

NetBackup Appliance 5300 Series

Experience an integrated media server for both virtual and physical environment backup which will help reduce network and storage requirements. The 5300 series offers impressive scalability and reliability for both client and target deduplication. This solution is ideal for locations demanding a large-capacity, performance-optimized media server with resilient data management.

NetBackup 5300 unique features and capabilities include:

  • Maximum capacity options – Available from 114 TB to 458 TB.
  • Resilient protection – Redundant hot-swappable components, RAID and disk controllers, power supplies, fan modules, and disks.
  • Compact design – Reduced footprint both physically and in power and cooling costs.

Key Benefits

  • Drop into existing NetBackup environments – Existing NetBackup environments can be expanded or upgraded without disruption.
  • Compatible – Can supplement existing NetBackup 5200 series appliances.
  • Cost efficient – Protection system can expand as your data needs grow. Deploy only as much as you need now, with seamless future expansion possibilities.
  • Improved recovery time – Faster client and target deduplication and restores.
  • Single-vendor simplicity – Keep it simple for your IT department while saving valuable floor space and reducing power and cooling costs.
  • Dynamic storage options– Customize the amount of space dedicated to deduplication pool and Advanced Disk pool (non deduplicated storage) to best suit your needs.
  • Flexibile deduplication – Source or target, inline or post-process.


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